How to use the Wi-Fi function of a Wi-Fi digital camera


Nowadays, many digital cameras have Wi-Fi function. Wi-Fi function of Wi-Fi digital camera is actually very simple. The first thing to do is to turn on the camera's WiFi function. Now many Wi-Fi digital cameras operate. almost. Most code cameras will be designed with a separate Wi-Fi enabled button, and of course some cameras have Wi-Fi enabled to enter the menu settings. When the Wi-Fi function is turned on, the camera will enter the hotspot matching page. On this page, you can see the hotspot name of the camera. After remembering the hotspot name of the camera, you can turn on the Wi-Fi function of another device to search for this hotspot and connect it. When a Wi-Fi digital camera is connected to a device, you will find that there are many functions, such as watermarking by remotely controlling the camera through the app's APP, adding time and place to the photo. It can also help to transfer photos. This function not only can view the photos stored in the camera, but also just click on the "Import" button and the photo can be transferred to the connected device, which is very convenient.