Facial recognition tech on wifi security camera


It’s everywhere: at restaurants, airports, concert venues, even beer festivals and soon it will be at the 2020 Olympics.

Facial recognition has seemingly taken over as the technology du jour.

Yet, for something so seemingly pervasive, the technology has been criticized for a variety of flaws. These criticisms are forcing some of its biggest customers — government and law enforcement — to reconsider its use.

The good

Facial recognition technology has been credited with capturing wanted criminals and stalkers at Taylor Swift concerts. Likewise, it is being implemented in U.K. and Chinese prisons to help combat drug smuggling and gang violence as well as to thwart escape attempts. It has even helped to identify and subsequently nab imposters attempting to board planes using another person’s passport.

The bad

However, examples of the inaccuracies and biases inherent in facial recognition technology are everywhere. One notable example of bias is Amazon’s Rekognition facial recognition software, which reportedly does not recognize the faces of people of color.

"Face surveillance will be used to power discriminatory surveillance and policing that targets communities of colour, immigrants and activists. Once unleashed, that damage can't be undone," continued Snow.

U.K. watchdog. U.K. privacy watchdog Big Brother Watch called the accuracy of facial recognition tech into question when it was discovered that some of the U.K. police departments using facial recognition tech had misidentified a number of criminal suspects. The group suggests that such mistakes happened an estimated nine times out of 10.

The Ugly

Although there is currently a bipartisan bill in Congress seeking limits on facial recognition technology and attention to the issue has been heightened thanks to pushback from privacy advocates, there is almost no regulation of the technology, prompting criticism from a number of sources.

Similarly, homeowners will soon be using the technology to surveil anyone who approaches their front door thanks to Ring’s line of video-audio doorbells that uses facial recognition technology to spot suspicious characters in a neighborhood, alerting local law enforcement of their presence.

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