Camera kit


Camera kit description:
The camera kit allows you to take photos taken with the camera into the computer through this adapter. This camera kit adapter is predominantly white, with two ports in common, one for the SD card slot and the other for the USB port with a small switch on the side. With the camera kit, you can choose to import the image or video file directly into the mobile device for viewing, or share it through the mobile device, which is very convenient.
Camera kit features:
1. The camera kit can be directly connected to the camera to import photos from the camera;
2. Camera kit can transfer large game software or other software to the SD card, saving capacity, if you want to play the game directly insert the card;
3. The camera kit stores photos and video files in the SD card for maximum capacity savings.
The basic method of the camera kit:
Take the iPad device as an example. After inserting the camera kit into the iPad, if you connect the digital camera with the data cable to the camera kit interface, the iPad will automatically open the “picture” browsing function to display the photos in the camera, but one thing is not Directly zoom in, you can only choose to import the iPad and then look at it; insert the SD card into the SD card slot of the camera kit, you can use the isfile software to operate the SD card.
How to transfer games using the camera kit:
1. First, use the IFILE software to enter the “application” and copy all the game files to be transferred to the SD card. This step is to click "Edit" in the upper right corner, then select the folder of the game to be transferred, copy the link of the game, click "Finish", open the SD card, select the directory to be stored, click "Edit" in the upper right corner. Just select "Paste".
2. Secondly delete most of the files in the original folder in the device.
3. Create a link back to the original location of the device by deleting all the deleted files in the SD card transfer folder. To establish a link method, first select the folder in the SD card, then click on the lower right corner and select "Copy/Link" and then click "Finish"; then go to the folder where you need to create a link, click "Edit" and then select "Create Link". , then click "Finish" in the top right corner. The folder after the link is created will be blue.
4. In this way, the original game icon will not change. If you click on the game's icon, it will flash back. Just try a few more times.